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It is not unreasonable to assume that most motorists within the UK are likely receive a speeding ticket (NIP) at some point throughout their driving career, whether it be after being stopped by a police officer or receiving notification in the post. The punishment for these offences can range from out of court disposals such as a speed awareness course or a fixed penalty of 3 points and £100 fine to a sentence at court of up to 6 penalty points or a period of lengthy disqualification from driving along with a means tested fine fine.

When prosecuting an individual for a speeding offence, the burden of proof is on the Prosecution and there are many elements that must be proven in order to convict an individual of driving in excess of the speed limit.

This area of law is complex as the rules relating to speed limits and speed detection vary depending on the type of road.

A common issue in speeding cases is the admissibility of the speed alleged which is often recorded by one of the many types of approved equipment including automated devices, such as static speed cameras or manually operated devices such as hand-held lasers. These devices are technical pieced of equipment and therefore have to be maintained and operated correctly.

Additional issues relate to the speed limit on a road including whether the road user was given adequate guidance as to that limit. Additionally, there can be issues surrounding formal requirements surrounding the identity of the driver and that the legally required notices have been given.

If accused of a speeding offence it is often also very important to consider the accumulation of penalty points as a driver faces disqualification from driving if they accumulate 12 points or more within a 3 year period.

As such it is crucial to get specialist advice as soon as possible after being stopped by a police officer or receiving notification of an allegation.

Sentencing Guidelines

Maximum: Level 3 fine (Level 4 if on a motorway)


Must endorse and may disqualify. If no disqualification then 3 to 6 points endorsed.

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