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Harassment can take many forms. Physical harassment has more recently been joined by virtual or digital harassment and both are considered crimes under the Public Order Offences Act as well as the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

This area of law can be as challenging for the prosecution in proving their case as it is for the defence in defending it. Effective legal representation is required to defend your case.

A harassment case will often hinge on whether a particular act or acts which are considered to be harassment. In doing so experience is drawn from case law that has defined certain acts and courses of conduct that can constitute harassment.

Cases of harassment are often emotionally charged as one side may well be entrenched in justifying their actions and not being able to see the legal interpretation of what has occurred. This can be applied both to the defendant and the alleged victim in the case.

Such cases are inherently problematic and what is required is objective and effective representation from the police station interview, to conference, to first appearance, and if so required, at trial. Freeman & Co. are a highly specialised firm of criminal defence solicitors who have a wealth of experience in harassment matters.


Maximum: Level 5 fine and/or 6 months custody


Maximum when tried summarily: Level 5 fine and/or 6 months custody

Maximum when tried on indictment: 5 years’ custody

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