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Pedestrians and motorists are coming under an increasing barrage of abuse from lawless and anonymous cyclists, said the country’s leading traffic lawyer.

Nick Freeman said “cycle rage” was now so commonplace the government must act immediately to curb this provocative and anti-social behaviour, which not only endangered cyclists, but also placed drivers and pedestrians at unnecessary risk of injury and stress.

Mr Freeman added that the key to this was to remove the veil of cycling anonymity by forcing those riding bikes to carry identification plates.

The “Loophole” lawyer said: “Cycle rage is a huge problem and is increasing day by day. One the reasons is that they cycle with impunity and anonymity.

“Whilst many cyclists rightly say the roads are too dangerous for them, the actions of a wilful number are, ironically, making roads and footpaths dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.

“And if you dare to challenge a cyclist for riding on a pavement you are often met with a barrage of abuse and worse, ie cycle rage!

“Beat officers are virtually non-existent whilst those remaining officers prefer to sit in offices and patrol social media!”

Mr Freeman also hit out at the former DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) Sir Keir Starmer, who called for a change in the law when a cyclist was involved in a collision with a vehicle.

The Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras said that in these cases the burden of proof should be moved to create a rebuttable presumption that the driver of the vehicle was in the wrong!

Mr Freeman said: “I find this extraordinary. Reversing the burden is perverse and inappropriate, and, does this not put cyclists above pedestrians in the eye of the law?”