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A woman who killed her six-year-old daughter and fiance in a drink driving crash has been jailed for two years.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that the 24-year-old Derbyshire woman was almost twice the legal drink driving limit when she ploughed into a stone wall in April 2017.

The woman’s daughter was “not properly secured” in her booster seat while her husband-to-be was not wearing a seat belt. Both died at the scene.

The driver had to be cut free from the wreckage and spent four weeks in hospital in an induced coma having broken her back, pelvis and rips.

Prosecuting, Alex Wolfson explained that on the night in question the woman had been with her family at a miner’s welfare club between 8pm and 1am where she had consumed two pints of lager and lime and three vodka and cokes before the three of them left in her Fiat Panda.

“[The defendant] lost control, mounted a kerb and travelled along it for 34.5m, then span across on to the other side of the carriageway, collided with a metal railing, a telegraph pole and then went head first into a stone wall,” he said.

Blood tests were taken four hours after the accident while the woman was in hospital, showing her to be just over the legal drink driving limit, however expert analysis suggested that at the time of the accident she would have been just under twice the legal limit.

Accident reconstruction experts concluded that, just before the impact, she would have been driving at 43mph in the 30mph zone not far from their home.

The motorist was not well enough to be interviewed by police until January of this year, and she was due to marry her fiancee in May – on the 10th anniversary of their being together.

Speaking for the woman, Raglan Ashton said: “May 24, 2018, was supposed to be the happiest day of [my client’s] because that was the day she was due to get married.”

“He was her best friend, her soul mate, and the father to her two children.

“The events of April 29/30 of 2017 were catastrophic and she has to understand she was the cause of that.”

“The journey home that night was short, some two-and-a-half miles.

“Ordinarily it was [her fiancee] who drove.

“One of the points she is wrestling with internally is what caused her to drive on that single occasion and sadly she does not know the answers.

“She’s at a loss to explain why and how she came to be involved in this terrible collision.

“She can’t answer, she does not know.”

“She understands the level of resentment towards her and she understands the impact her actions have caused.

“In her own words in the probation report, she says it is always on her mind.

“She says ‘I will never forgive myself and not a day goes by when I don’t think of [them].

“Given the chance, I would put myself in their place.”

On sentencing, Judge Gregory Dickinson QC told her: “I suspect the physical injury is nothing compared to the emotional damage you have done to yourself.

“You killed your own child and your fiancé – people that you loved and people that loved you.

“You will be haunted by this for the rest of your life.”

After pleading guilty to two counts of causing death by careless driving while unfit through drink, Judge Dickinson sentenced her to two years in prison and banned her from the roads for four years.

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