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Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole.The country’s leading traffic lawyer has accused the government of being more interested in winning next year’s general election than saving lives on the country’s roads.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, fired the broadside after reports that a rising number of drivers are taking so-called “selfies” on their mobile phones, whilst behind the wheel.

Last year, Mr Freeman, whose clients include Premier League footballers and soap stars, called on the Government to make the penalty for using a mobile phone stricter, and to include a period of disqualification, rather than three penalty points and a £100 fine.

Mr Freeman said: “The use of mobile phones whilst driving is prolific, yet the Government is not prepared to counter this. In my view, it is putting votes ahead of road safety.

“The measures are clearly not working and are not seen as a sufficient deterrent. I believe the Government should rush through emergency legislation to deal with this new phenomenon.

“Taking a ‘selfie’ now appears to be an integral part of young drivers’ culture and is extremely dangerous. It must be outlawed now.”

He added: “However, with a general election just 14 months away, the Government is walking a tightrope and doesn’t want to alienate a single vote.

“The question I ask is, how many lives is the Government prepared to sacrifice to be re-elected?”

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