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Ministers have proposed the introduction of a new law that means illegal immigrants that are caught driving in the UK could face a jail term of up to six months. The new offence is being discussed as one of a number of measures that the government hopes will make it more difficult to continue living illegally in the UK, and means that immigrants may choose to leave the country rather than remain here.

The government has been looking at ways to make the UK less appealing to immigrants, by effectively removing or reducing the pull factors that currently attract them to the UK. The new Immigration Bill will introduce a number of regulations and laws that prevent immigrants that enter the country illegally to enjoy the same benefits and privileges as British citizens. This means that they will find it more difficult to work, to bank, and also to drive a car.

New regulations mean that landlords must conduct more thorough checks on tenants before allowing them to stay. They also mean that additional checks will be required when banks offer new accounts, and immigrants that are unable to speak English fluently will be prevented from taking certain state jobs because ministers say that there is currently a disastrous lack of fluency that exists and that it is damaging the country.

Prime Minister David Cameron has recently been forced to say that his immigration policies have not worked yet, as he was shown figures that indicated that net migration was at record levels. Meanwhile, the government has been embarrassed by their alleged failure to deal with the Calais crisis, and the Immigration Bill is seen as a way of helping the party to reduce the number of illegal immigrants that do enter the country.

Immigrants that are caught driving will be charged with the offence of driving without permission to be in the UK, can face up to six months in prison, and can also face an unlimited fine. Immigration enforcement officers will also be granted additional powers, including the power to seize driving licences from anybody they suspect to have entered the country illegally.