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The government must introduce legislation to force drivers of public service vehicles to disclose their relevant medical history on an annual basis, the country’s leading motoring expert has said.

Lawyer Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, made the call after it was revealed the driver of a Glasgow refuse wagon – who collapsed at the wheel in December killing six people – had failed to tell new bosses at the city council of previous related incidents.

Mr Freeman said: “In light of this tragedy and others, the government needs to introduce new legislation that will make it mandatory for everyone who drives a public service vehicle – be it a dust cart, bus, taxi or whatever – to disclose to their employers any medical condition that could impair their ability to drive a vehicle.

“It is already incumbent on them to inform the DVLA and their insurance company.

“And, if they fail to comply, and subsequently cause an accident, there must be lengthy penal consequences.

He added: “I would go as far saying any new legislation should also be extended to aircraft pilots and boat captains – anyone who is in charge of transporting the public.

“If Germanwings had known of co-pilot Andrea Lubitz’s medical history, and the fact he had consulted scores of doctors in the months preceding the incident, then150 passengers and fellow crew members would still be alive today.

“Unfortunately there needs to be this safe guard mechanism to prevent the occurrence of any further similar tragedies.”