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Loophole lawyer Nick Freeman has called UKIP leader Nigel Farage the “motorist’s friend”, after the party included a general election pledge on speed cameras.

In its manifesto, UKIP has said it will only allow the installation of speed cameras at accident black spots, near schools and in residential areas where there are specific potential dangers.

Equally important in Mr Freeman’s eyes, the Party will not permit speed cameras to be used by local authorities as a way to fill their empty coffers.

Mr Freeman – whose clients include pop stars, sports stars, business leaders and actors – said he welcomed UKIP’s speed camera manifesto promise, adding: “I would go as far as to call Mr Farage the ‘motorist’s friend’.

“His manifesto pledge is like a breath of fresh air that smacks of common sense and fairness.

“The majority of these cameras are unnecessary for safety purposes and their prime motive is fiscally driven.

“For far too long the motorist’s intelligence has been abused and these questionable policies have been masqueraded under the road safety banner.

“What I would like to see is not only bobbies on the beat, but cops back in the driving seat. This is the only way we can ensure motorists drive safely as well as detecting a plethora of other criminal offences.”

On the question of whom Mr Freeman would be backing on May 7, the celebrity lawyer, author and commentator refused to be drawn.