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Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman’s book “The Art Of The Loophole” has helped many people in his native jurisdiction of England and Wales however, the tips and advice he writes about has now found favour all the way over in California!

Nick Freeman’s office recently received and email from Henry Gill in Los Angeles who used the tips he found in The Art Of The Loophole to challenge an allegation brought by the California Courts. The case revolved around the issue of a “rolling stop” and following the guidance in Nick’s book Mr Gill successfully challenged the prosecution when the presiding Judge dismissed the allegation which had been raised against his wife.

Please find a copy of Mr Gill’s email below.

Mr. Loophole

I recently read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I had written a while back to tell you. I did not know that I would be using your book so soon. My wife recently received a citation for a “rolling stop”; i.e., California Stop. I carefully read the ticket, requested a trial by declaration (written response); took photos of the location and presented my case. The officer wrote the wrong day & date and even wrote 4-doors when it is a 2-door auto while holding the title/registration and standing next to the vehicle. The citation was based upon the officer’s observations and I challenged his abilities of observation. The judge dismissed the citation and returned our bail/fine. We spent a portion of the returned money on a very romantic dinner – I was the hero of the evening.

Thanks again. Cheers!

Henry Gill
Los Angeles, California

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