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Motorway speed cameras should be painted luminous yellow and clearly visible from a distance, the country’s leading traffic lawyer has stated.

And Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said by hiding new digital devices behind overhead gantries – and painting them a dull grey – the Government was finally admitting their purpose was not to make roads safer, but to generate revenue!

In just two months, new digital “stealth” speed cameras along the M25 in Kent have caught more than 700 motorists.

Mr Freeman, whose clients include Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and snooker ace Ronnie O’Sullivan, said: “This new breed of stealth cameras are causing motorists to drive dangerously.

“Instead of driving in a normal manner at a constant speed, motorists are behaving erratically because they are preoccupied with discovering what they are and where they are hidden.

“This is a huge distraction which is counterproductive to safe driving.

“Driving along the M25 earlier this week, I saw countless drivers who had suddenly spotted these devises applying their brakes at the last minute, with a number of cars swerving in front of me.

“These cameras have nothing to do with reducing accidents. Their visible presence should provide a deterrent effect.”

He added: “Again we see a Government that professes to be concerned with road safety prioritising a revenue raising scheme.

“In my opinion motorway speed cameras should be painted luminous yellow, lit up at night and visible for all to see from a long distance.

“They would then have the same effect as frequently placed marked police vehicles, which are now all too sadly missing from our roads.

“It’s common sense which our money-orientated ‘experts’ seem to be deficient in.”